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Introducing CISW International

Abstract Background

What We Do









CISW International Company Limited is under CISW Holding Group. We provides a full range of commercial, investment, services worldwide, and all affiliated services are consolidated into one. CISW International Company Limited’s reach expands globally with worldwide commercial investment services as we have affiliates companies such as CISW European Wellness World Co., Ltd., CISW International Co., Ltd., CISW Green World Co., Ltd., CISW Energy Group, CISW Dara International Holding Group, CISW World Medical Co., Ltd., CISW Hemp Fortune Co., Ltd.

CISW International pride itself as one of the service providers for international business networking for all Commerce, Business, Trade, Investment, Real Estate, Medical Wellness, and other services. We are committed to helping our clients meet the challenges of succeeding in the business environment of Thailand, and ASEAN countries in our global connection.

We intend to enhance the value of the client’s business and assist with their needs and requirements by combining our international capabilities of Thailand, ASEAN countries, and Global markets through networking and utilizing extensive connections in many sectors of local and international communities. We have commenced an operation in Thailand, in December 2013 providing excellent service for the best customer satisfaction.

We believe in keeping our customers happy by providing them with the best service at a very competent price, guiding them with the best ideas, and keeping in constant touch with our clients. ​We would like to express our sincere many thanks for giving us the opportunity and privilege to introduce the services offered by CISW. We look forward to your constant encouragement, support, and wonderful relationship with us working together in Thailand, ASEAN countries, and the Global community.


Message from Founder & President


CISW is strongly dedicated to using its unique skills and talents to always better serve our clients and to continually provide the best opportunities for growth. We take great pride in what we do and will continuously do so with honor and respect.

       With strong experience working in the business field for 15 years, Jacky Ong has led the operation for CISW to great success by fulfilling our corporate mission of contributing to society with world-leading consulting along with our business strategy. 

       We will continue to support our society’s growth with world-class services to strictly meet the difficult challenges along with clientele expectations based on our dedication and responsibility. 

       We thank our partners and clients for making us one of the best companies to work for, as we continue to move forward while adhering to our principles of fairness, equity, and transparency. We also thank you for all your encouragement and support.

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