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KN95 Particulate Respirator

Medical Surgical Mask

The bottom and surface of the product are made of nonwoven fabrics with high efficiency filter material added in the middle and heated by machine. The bacterial filtration efficiency is more than 95%. When synthetic blood is sprayed at 120 mmHg pressure to the outside of the mask the inside of the mask will not penetrate.

Flat Mask

Material selection 3S medical grade high-quality nonwoven fabric, ultra-fine fiber filter cloth, filtering effect reached more than 99%, on bacteria, dust, saliva, pollen, dander and other protective role. Flexible full plastic nose clip design, can make the most comfortable adjustment according to different face shape, make the face more suitable for skin.

Protection Suit

SF composite non-woven fabric is used as raw material and adhesive tape, which takes advantage of its good strength and good air permeability. It combines the advantages of both. Adhesive tape can absolutely block and isolate the invasion of dust, particles, alcohol, plasma, liquids, bacteria and pathogens.


Shoe Cover

It is made of polypropylene spun-bonded nonwovens. It has strong air permeability and is suitable for wearing for a long time. It can block floats, dust, microorganisms and so on. Prevent hair and dandruff from falling off.

Infrared Thermometer

Intelligent Anti-Epidemic Machine


• Accurate and rapid temperature detection.

• Complete the whole body disinfection efficiently.

• Mobilizable

Diagnostic Kit
(Fluorescent PCR)

This kit is used for the in vitro qualitative detection of novel coronavirus (2019-nCoV) ORF1ab and N gene in the throat swabs, sputum specimens of suspected pneumonia patients infected by novel coronavirus, suspected clustering cases and others needing diagnosis or differential diagnosis for novel coronavirus.

Antibody Assay Kit by Colloidal Gold Method


As a supplementary detection:

• To prevent missed detection.

• Detect IgM and IgG antibodies of the coronavirus, and cooperate with nucleic acid detection to improve the detection rate of patients.

• Easy sample collection, ordinary labs can carry out inspections.

Colloidal Gold Method:

• 3 minutes to get the result.

• Detect IgM and IgG, improving detection rate • Supporting whole blood, serum, and plasma sample types.

• Optimizing N and S protein fragments, effectively improving the detection rate.

Diagnostic Kit
(Fluorescent PCR)

A medical centrifuge is widely used in the field of blood bank, hospital and laboratory.

• Brushless motor with simpler construction, more reliable performance, longer life and quietly running.

• Automatically electric lid lock, super speed, over-temperature protection and imbalance protection. The centrifuge body is made of high-quality steel, safe and reliable.

• Rotor is connected to spindle by specialized taper sleeve, loading simple and quick, no direction, safe and reliable.

• Microprocessor control, TD5A with a digital display which indicates the speed, time, RCF in operation, speed raising and reducing quick, operate simply.

• 10 kinds of programs stored in the memory, 10 kinds of accelerating and decelerating speed for your choice.

Capsule Endoscopy

BSL-2+ Mobile Microbiology Lab

Mobile, safe and up to standard microbiology testing platform. Can be used for the testing of etiology and hygiene parameters for clinical, environmental, animal, media organism, drinking water and food samples. Can be deployed at disaster area of earthquake, flood, fire, hurricane or drought, or at public assembles such as sport events, carnivals, galas, etc. This product is deployed in Wuhan, China during the COVID-19 outbreak and provided critical assistance to the testing capacity.

Mobile Operation Theater

Set inside a 2-stage expandable carriage, the Mobile Operation Theater is capable of general surgeries and early-stage orthopedic surgeries. Interior equipment includes surgical, sterile, monitoring, anesthesia and airway instruments, and can be customized to request. The whole unit, including the chassis, is measured 9000mm L x 2500mm W x 3340mm H, with its width expandable to 5800mm.

Patient Monitor


Minivan Type Ⅲ Ambulance


• Rational structure design, spacious interior, strong power, high comfort level, stable quality, and so on. Standard Medical Equipment

• Stretcher, oxygen cylinder, oxygen mask, infusion stand, first-aid kit, spine board, cervical collar, head immobilization device, and so on.

Cabin Type Ambulance


• User-friendly design, sufficient interior space

• Excellent antiskid and cross-country. performance. Standard Medical Equipment

• Stretcher, oxygen cylinder, oxygen mask, infusion stand, first-aid kit, spine board, cervical collar, head immobilization device and so on.

Cross-Country Type Ambulance


• Rational structure design, rugged frame and optimized suspension design.

• Sufficient interior space, excellent antiskid and cross-country performance. Standard Medical Equipment

• Stretcher, oxygen cylinder, oxygen mask, infusion stand, first-aid kit, spine board, cervical collar, head immobilization device and so on.

Imaging Equipment

Other Equipment

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